• Application

The NPR-C is a ratchet pusher used to adjust the interval of frames when attaching side frames to the outer plating

and the inner bottom plating of a ship.

  • Features

For the NPR-C, the two pads, which come in contact with a work piece, are built in the bearing and the tooth-shaped contact area enables the rotation and the tilting(max. 13°) of the pads to be free and also to prevent slipping, making the NPR-C a safe product.

The stopper type has the built-in pin to prevent the screw from completely coming out of the pipe.

  • How to use

After fixing the ratchet pusher between work pieces to be pulled the NPR-C push up or down the pawl according to purposes and then operate the handle.

  • Warnings

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet puller. Be careful that there can be slipping when the inner angle of a work piece to be pushed is not vertical or horizontal. For non-stopper types, leave at least 40mm of the screw thread inside one end of the pipe(80mm for both ends) when pulling the screw out of a pipe.