• Application

Efficient ratchet pushers which are convenient and quick to work with when assembling frames(outer plating and middle wall) to the inner(bottom) plating in ship assembly shops.

  • Features

The NPR-PA is the combination of a ratchet pusher and a screw clamp and it is an efficient clamp shortening the multiple-step working process, leading to higher productivity.(Previous process: Fix the HYD'JACK. support piece to the inner plating by electric welding. Remove the piece after completing the work.)

The NPR-PA is used to push inward the interval of frames which are installed at the end part of the inner plating.

Since different models of the NPR-PA(PA1, PA2, PA3) are used depending on the left and right end parts of the inner plating, accurately select a model according to the working condition.

The NPR-PA2 is used in attaching two work pieces on a flat work plate by pulling or in widening the interval of work pieces by pushing.

The stopper type has the built-in pin to prevent the screw from completely coming out of the pipe.

  • How to use

After setting the ratchet pusher between frames to be tack welded and tack welded frames(L- and T- sections), push up or down the pawl according to purposes and then operate the handle.

  • Warnings

Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet pusher.